Welcome to the Biggest Loser!

Watch the ‘Welcome’ message from Coach Tee here: TCF on YouTube 

Thank you for entering the Biggest Loser Challenge presented by Total Camo Fitness and Plexus With Robi. The competition is hosted by Coach Tee and Coach Robi (pronounced row-bee) and will span eight weeks from June 15th to August 15th.
There will be opportunities to earn weekly prizes, bi-weekly prizes, monthly prizes, and 3 different Big Prizes at the end of the competition. Big prizes will be awarded based on weight loss, BMI changes, and activity/program participation. Some challenges will net cash prizes.

For optimal results, please join the official Facebook Group here: 60 Days In With Coach Tee and Me

Over the course of the competition, you will journey through three phases:
Phase I – The first two weeks of the competition will be a full group effort in which we will all work together to establish a routine that will be consistent.
Phase II – The group will be divided into two teams (Red Team vs Black Team) for the next four weeks. Weekly competitions will net team prizes such as merchandise, supplements, complimentary group training sessions, and more.
Phase III – Each contestant will be flying solo for the remainder of the competition (two weeks) with opportunities to win weekly prizes and more entries into the Big Prize drawing.
Welcome aboard,
Coach Tee

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