Total Camo Fitness – Ab Circuit

After a good stretch…
Start on the mat:
Overhead Crunches (weighted or unweighted) – 12 easy count
Russian Twist (weighted or unweighted) – 12 long count
Bird Dog – 10 easy count (L/R)
Dumbbell Side Bend – 12 easy count (L/R)
As a Warrior circuit, set a timer for 5 minutes and attempt to complete the circuit twice during the time cycle. Reset timer and perform in reverse. After 2nd time cycle, reset time and reverse order again. Workout is complete after 3rd time cycle.
As individual sets, modify as followed:
Overhead Crunches – 3*10
Russian Twist – 3*10
Bird Dog – 3*10 ea side
Dumbbell Side Bend – 3*10 ea side
Cool down with multiple stretches that relax the abdominal wall, back, and shoulders.