Day 8 – Have A Heart

Welcome to week 2 Life Changers! 7 days into the challenge and it’s time to ramp things up to finish strong. You can expect more reps and higher intensity workouts. In addition, an increase in weight is necessary to push your body to peak exertion. The goal is consistent progress as well as providing you with guidance on how to get the most from your nutrition and workouts.

For the participants who may be facing some hurdles, a kick-start to your progress is to introduce fasting…eat your meals between 10AM and 6PM or an 8 hour window ending no later than 7:30PM. You want to stop consuming heavy foods early enough for your body to digest overnight. For cravings during your blackout hours, I recommend small servings of jello, pudding, or plain yogurt. In addition, lunch should be your biggest meal, not dinner. If that is not feasible, make breakfast your biggest meal. This fast should last from Day 8 through Day 14. In general, you’ll experience weight loss AND a boost in discipline. 💪🏾

As for today’s workouts; we’re going to assualt those abs and give that heart a natural jolt. After a good stretch:

20 minutes on the treadmill 4-5 incline, 3.0 pace – walk for 2 mins. Increase pace to 4-4.5 and trot/run for 1 minute. Alternate walk and trot until 20 minutes is exhausted.

Next up is AB work! Using the free hanging/elevated AB machine, you will perform knee lifts with a motion comprised of lifting them straight to your chest then side to side, that’s one rep. This should be done in 3*10. Follow this with 2 seated AB machines of your choice and 4*8 reps.

Workouts will conclude with either a repeat of the treadmill exercise we started with or the same reps on upright or recumbent bike. Minimum resistance of 4 to start. Be sure to increase either your pace or resistance for 1 minute after 2 minutes of pedaling. Don’t cheat the reps, you’ll thank me later. Take advantage of the cool down as well.

Today is a good day to use a sweat garment or tummy wrap to really work up a sweat.

Seize the day fit fam! Check in below!

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