Day 7 – Benchmarks and Bench Press

Congrats fit fam, you’ve reached day 7 of the challenge! I’m very proud of the progress that you all are making and it makes me happy to see the dedication with the check-ins and accountability thus far. Here at the halfway point, we will hone in on the physical aspects of the program and make an even stronger effort to reach our goal of weight loss and wellness. Today we will continue our ramp up with another total body workout day.

Bench Press – 4*8

Dumbell Press – 3*10

Shoulder Press – 4*8

Rear Delt – 3*10

Horizontal Leg Curl – 3*12

Upright Leg Curl – 3*12

AB Machine – 4*10

Recumbent/Upright Bike – 20 Minutes

Choose 2 more affirmations and do the exercise at least 3 times today.

We’re halfway there, let’s finish stronger!

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