Day 6 – Total Body

Great day to you all TCF fam! How is the Life Changers Society doing today? Check-in below.

We are approaching the close of week one and at this point, you should already feel results. Consistent cardio and exercises specifically targeting visceral (unseen) fat have been the focus. In week 2, we’ll work on building muscle.

As you all may recall, I requested that I get 30 minutes of onsite, in-person work with everyone participating in the challenge. I’m happy that most of you have booked a workout and I’m looking forward to your effort and energy! For our fam who can’t make it work, it’s okay, here’s a plan for to follow on Saturday and Sunday.

We will shred your entire body for 2 straight days:

Bench press – 3*10

Inclined bench press – 3*10

Tricep pulldown – 3*8

Fly machine – 3*8

Leg press – 3*10

Squats (weighted) – 3*10

AB Machine – 3*10

Treadmill – 20 minutes

Let’s see those check-in comments and text today. Choose 2 more affirmations and do the exercise at least 2 times today.



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