Day 5 – Treat Yourself

Well this is embarrassing!

I’ll bet you got up really early and pulled up my website to find out what awaited you today and *BOOM*, no new content…

I apologize for the delay, but consider this a great test to your determination and commitment. Hopefully you realized there were no instructions for today and decided to hatch your own plan of attack. At some point, you won’t need my guidance and you’ll have to figure out how you want to approach your fitness goals. But as of today, we’re a team and I’m here to deliver advice and tips to keep you going.

Today is a day that I reserve for recovery AND reward! You’ve been eating better, remaining active and mentally focused on improving your well-being, inside and out. I don’t believe that a cheat day is the appropriate term for self-indulgence, so let’s just call it a ‘Fri-Yay’ treat…what’s your favorite dessert? Have it today and enjoy your favorite movie or TV show…whatever it is, make it about you feeling happy!

My favorite snack is cheesecake and I’m having a slice today while I watch Joe Dirt, oh yeah!

Check in fit-fam, how did has your week gone? Also, please book a session with me for the weekend, I’d love to get some one on one time with everyone.

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