Day 3 – Rest/Recover

Hey #fitfam! On Day 3, we will rest/recover and focus on proper eating and using supplements.


After kicking off with two consecutive days of workouts, we will use Thursday each week to recover and allow our bodies to rest, providing a great setup for an awesome Friday workout. We will also rest on Sundays with a goal of balance between consistent activity and periods of recovery which will help avoid overuse and injuries. This is a marathon, not a sprint, we will all finish together so be patient with the process.

I frequently receive questions about eating habits, food recommendations, etc. and the biggest issue that is shared is the struggle with eating frequently enough throughout the day. The common misconception about meal frequency is that the less times per day you consume food, the faster you’ll lose weight. **Myth busted** Unless you are starving yourself (not recommended) or in a scheduled fasting period, eating less frequently can kill your ability to lose weight in a healthy way. In fact, starving your body of food can send it into fat storage mode and those extra pounds will settle in for the long haul. My tip of the day is increase meal frequency to six small meals 2 to 3 hours apart. Don’t worry about eating too late, there is no magic time to stop eating, so long as you stop consumption about two hours before you go to sleep. A bonus tip is to focus on a daily calorie goal or simply eat smaller portions (I use saucers instead of full-sized plates for my meals).

Today is a great day to meditate and focus on you!

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