Day 13 – Full Throttle

Hello #fitfam! We have only 2 workouts left of our 14-Day Challenge…the rubber has met the road. Over the course of week 2, we’ve increased our workload and decreased rest days. When you’ve got goals in mind, sometimes you have to adjust to make them happen. The soreness you feel is temporary but it’s worth it, you want this, your goals are more important than a little discomfort and you truly believe the work is paying off. I do too!

Today we’re going full throttle, giving your entire body that work. Start with a solid sttetching session to loosen up, add heat, if possible, to increase elasticity in joints and muscles.

Complete 10 minutes of treadmill ‘pacers’ to get your cardio started.

This first visual is geared to using your body weight to workout, execute all 8 calisthenics today.

The next visual is for weighted exercises, it’s your choice but do the entire chart!

Finish with 5*20 secs sprints on the row machine.

Check in below!

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