Day 12 – AB-solute Effort

On the twelth day, we assault our ABs! At this point, we’ve built a strong routine and familiarized ourselves with different exercises and techniques to enhance our results. As I stated at the start, your sense of wellness as we approach our home stretch has increased and you know you’ve done the work. In addition, a bit of weight loss has occurred…5 lbs is a lot. Maybe you’ve lost more! Whether you have or haven’t lost anything, your effort is the most important component of the program.

We shift back to AB work today and I assure you, you’ll love the feeling. Due to the increase in workout days and repetitions, I suggest that you spend more time stretching and even apply heat prior to working out. Some visuals for suggested stretches is now available on the ‘Services’ page. Post workout, icing is best for soothing. Do not use heat for post workout soreness as it actually encourages swelling.

Start your workout with a good 15 minute ‘Pacers’ session on the treadmill.

Select 6 exercises from the following visuals to complete:

To wrap up your session, complete 10 minutes on the recumbent bike using a resistance of at least 5.

Seize the day #fitfam!!!

If you’re enjoying my coaching and guidance thus far and would like to continue working with me after the trial, click here to view my pricing guide:

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