Day 11 – Armed and Ready

Hey there #fitfam, we have 4 days remaining in the challenge and today will be a great gauge of your progress. The upper body exercises that I’ll share are intended push you to your limits and show that you are developing strength across your entire body.

Start with a good stretch and if possible, apply heat prior working out to really loosen things up. Then use ice after the workout to soothe the aches and pains.

These charts provide a visual representation of each exercise you can use today to enhance your upper body. Safe for ladies too!



Select 3 exercises from the arms graphic and 2-3 from the chest graphic. 3*10 for arms, 3*8 for chest.

Complete your workout with 20 minutes of pacers on the bike or treadmill. (2 mins moderate, 1 min vigorous, alternating)

Have a great workout!

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