Day 1 – Well Being

Hello family, peace and blessings to everyone! Today, we’ll start our program with a focus on meditation and affirmation. We will believe in order to achieve!

Here are 10 affirmations, choose 2 as your themes for today.

  1. I create a safe and secure space for myself wherever I am.
  2. I give myself permission to do what is right for me.
  3. I am confident in my ability to [fill in the blank].
  4. I use my time and talents to help others [fill in the blank].
  5. What I love about myself is my ability to [fill in the blank].
  6. I feel proud of myself when I [fill in the blank].
  7. I give myself space to grow and learn.
  8. I allow myself to be who I am without judgment.
  9. I listen to my intuition and trust my inner guide.
  10. I accept my emotions and let them serve their purpose.

Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Once you have selected 2 affirmations, set a timer for 1 min-30 seconds (start the timer) then close your eyes and recite your first choice and attempt to visualize the action within the affirmation. Take deep, controlled breaths for the duration of the timer while focusing on the visualization. When the timer sounds, set it for another 1 min-30 second duration and repeat the action using your second affirmation. Complete this exercise at least twice today, though a morning, midday, and late evening repetition is recommended.

Of course, being mentally engaged is not all you’ll need to achieve your goals – a good diet is also important. Starting today, we must modify our eating habits to create a meal plan that is conducive to weight control and improved health. 


1. Start a love affair with healthy food

Instead of eliminating foods, start by slowly adding healthy foods to your diet that will boost your mood and energy such as green veggies, berries, grapefruit, or kiwi.

2. Beat cravings with healthy snacks

If you have a craving, eat fiber or something sour like lemon juice to lower the glycemic index of your treat. Try to keep healthy treats such as nuts and fruit nearby to avoid the treats with flour and sugar.

3. Start the day with protein to avoid sugar cravings

If you want to enjoy carbs, eat them in the morning with a protein, or after a workout. Stirring vanilla protein powder into your yogurt in the morning can add up to 20 grams of protein for breakfast, which will keep you full and alert until noon.

To calculate your daily protein needs, take your weight in kilograms and multiply it by 0.8. For example, a women who is 135 lbs converts to 62 kg x 0.8 = 50 grams of protein.

4. Keep your blood sugar steady by eating every two to three hours

Pack snacks everywhere you go. If you stockpile the right stuff in your office drawers, purse, and glove compartment, you’ll remove the temptation to take trips to the vending machine or corner store.

5. The crock-pot is your best ally for winter weight loss

Soup makes you feel warm and full, and it can be packed with veggies. Add beans and free-range poultry to boost the protein, and opt for tomato or onion broth over heavier cream-based soups.

6. Think tropical with coconuts

Endurance athletes turn to coconut-based supplements to delay exhaustion. So, if your marathon work week is running you down, reach for the coconut milk and add flavor and energy to your soups, shakes and desserts.

7. Try a green smoothie

If you start your day with an energizing green drink, you can count yourself in for two to three servings of veggies right off the top. So many of us struggle to eat in the morning, when it is most important.

8. Pick up a healthy meal-replacement bar

If you are too busy to cook, there are new snack bars on the market that are made with only raw nuts and fruits blended into amazing variations.

9. Reward yourself for healthy habits

Give yourself a non-food reward, like an aromatherapy scent, when you reach a week of making 10 good choices a day. The uplifting scent of grapefruit essential oil, applied topically, is said to increase the circulation that helps break up cellulite.

10. Make sure you get your Bs

Supplementing with B vitamins can be a huge boost in your weight loss routine.

I’m sure you’re super excited to get into the physical aspect of the program – but not just yet. Today is about mental preparation and planning your dietary adjustments. However, a short, light workout session is permitted and should include no more than 15 minutes of cardio (walk/trot/jog in the park or neighborhood, treadmill, upright or recumbent bike) and abdominal work (using the ab machines at the gym or planks and leg lifts at home) in 3*10 repetitions. Don’t fret, we’ll hit the physical training in-depth on Day 2!



Text a picture of your healthy snack and best meal choice of the day to 254-307-1355, I’d also like check in comments on this post to ensure that we’ve all shown up and executed today. A simple, ‘done’ will be fine!


Let’s Go!

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