Day 1 – Onboarding and Exercising

Before we get into the fitness, please provide the following information via email ( by the end of the day: Preferred name (nickname, etc), preferred method of contact (email or text), current weight, your challenge goal, and which platform you will be comfortable using for group communications (FB group, FB messenger, IG chat, or WhatsApp messaging) instead of email. This information will help us create teams in two weeks that will be as successful as possible.

Today is the start of our health and wellness journey together. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays throughout this program will be independent workout days, with nutritional tips and a preset circuit designed by Coach Tee. This circuit is a mix of energy and lifting so be sure to remain hydrated throughout and be sure that your meals are of the energy-producing variety.

On Wednesdays, we will provide a live virtual session via Zoom at 6pm CST. On Saturdays we will be live at 9am CST.

Here is todays circuit, lesser known exercises have been linked to YouTube videos for additional guidance:

3 Minute Stretch

Round 1 

Bulgarian Lunge (L/R) * 15 per side

Staggered Squat (L/R) * 15 per side

Single-arm Dumbbell Press (L/R) * 15 per side

Side Lunge (L/R) * 15 per side

~Finisher~ Flutter Kicks (Single Count) * 50

1 Minute Break

Round 2

V-Up with Dumbbell * 20

Dead-bug with Dumbbell (Alt L to R, Single Count) * 30

Dumbbell Burpees * 10

Romanian Deadlift * 20

~Finisher~ Jumping Jacks * 30

2 Minute Break

Round 3

Dumbbell Flyes * 25

Chest Press (L/R) * 15 per side

Bent Over Dumbbell Row * 20

Squat to Dumbbell Press * 20

~Finisher~ Push-ups * 20

3 Minute Cool-down Stretch

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