Welcome to the Family

Hello everyone, welcome to Total Camo Fitness! My name is Tee Word and I am so pleased that you’ve decided to join our Life Changers Society. Here you’ll get access to wellness tips including exercise, fitness, and meal plans as well as the ability to connect with others who are changing their lives. The goal is to build and maintain a supportive community of everyday people who want to be their best every day.

So, I’ll bet you’re wondering what makes me qualified to assist you on your journey? Well, a little about me…

Before diving into a career as a wellness/fitness coach, I built a career in the IT field but always craved the outlet of physical activity. That desire led to frequent trips to the gym and a quest to understand how to use every available tool to get the body image that I wanted. Along the way, I learned the importance of nutrition, proper exercise, and most importantly, mental health. Many say that fitness is about the routine and repetition, but I’ve discovered that it’s about the lifestyle and mentally preparing yourself for transforming your physical appearance.

Using that epiphany, I decided to tackle all three phases of study to be best prepared to help YOU! I acquired a certification in nutrition to ensure that I can advise each individual on proper eating habits. Next, I explored injury prevention and exercise safety because the goal is to make progress and avoid unnecessary injury while working out. Adding more to the tool bag, I acquired my Online Fitness Coach certification because there are many of you who cannot physically get into the gym with me, this is more of a mental wellness aspect which you’ll find is a major key to working with me. The final step is adding a nationally accredited personal trainer certification, which is not required, but I find that it is an investment in myself to make sure that I offer YOU every possible advantage on your journey since you’ve chosen me as your coach.

I look forward to getting to know and work with all of you and building a strong, supportive community that will flourish and get the best results possible for all of us!

Welcome to the #LifeChangersSociety #TCF #LCS