14-Day Challenge Overview

First things first…thank you for joining me on this 2 week journey to a healthier lifestyle! Over the course of the next 14 days, we will modify our mindset, activity level, and the way we eat in order to achieve our desired results.

As you are all aware, nothing comes easy. But with commitment and a positive attitude, anything can be made possible.

This program is intended to kick-start a pattern of healthy practices such as making smart and educated meal choices and consistently challenging your body physically. My favorite (and I believe most important) element is the mental wellness we’ll achieve while on the journey. No matter what the scale says, you’ll feel better at the end of the 2 weeks.

What to expect: 

There will be daily content added here, in the 14-Day Challenge section including our daily affirmations/meditations, workout guide for the day (or suggested recovery methods for off days), and meal/snack suggestions. I’ll also be booking at least 1-30 minute weekend training session with each participant and a final group workout to end the program (weather/schedule permitting). I assure you that if you are dedicated to the program for it’s entirety, you should lose at least 7 pounds safely over the next 14 days! There will be varying levels of accountability including pictures of your meals and workouts – I need to know you’re doing the work.

This program is also an open forum to all participants, so feel free to engage and share your thoughts and experiences here on the website.

Let’s get to work!


To sign up for additional services, pricing is available here: Pricing

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