Day 14 – Finish Strong! 💪🏾

Hey you. Yes you. YOU did it! We’ve made it to Day 14 and it’s time to bring it home with a strong finish. The most exciting part of this journey for me has been the interaction with participants. Not every day was easy, nor was every day hard…but with the ebb and flow of life, we’re here. Today we’re going full speed on a full body session.

If you can get into the gym today, this 45 minute full body guide will get the blood flowing and really help you feel great with an energy burst afterwards.

For today and going forward, here’s a guide chart for home exercises when #gymlife just ain’t happening! 🤷🏾‍♂️

Make this your best workout of the challenge and break the tape in style!

If you’re enjoying my coaching and guidance thus far and would like to continue working with me after the trial, click here to view my pricing guide:

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