Day 8 – Have A Heart

Welcome to week 2 Life Changers! 7 days into the challenge and it’s time to ramp things up to finish strong. You can expect more reps and higher intensity workouts. In addition, an increase in weight is necessary to push your body to peak exertion. The goal is consistent progress as well as providing you with guidance on how to get the most from your nutrition and workouts.

For the participants who may be facing some hurdles, a kick-start to your progress is to introduce fasting…eat your meals between 10AM and 6PM or an 8 hour window ending no later than 7:30PM. You want to stop consuming heavy foods early enough for your body to digest overnight. For cravings during your blackout hours, I recommend small servings of jello, pudding, or plain yogurt. In addition, lunch should be your biggest meal, not dinner. If that is not feasible, make breakfast your biggest meal. This fast should last from Day 8 through Day 14. In general, you’ll experience weight loss AND a boost in discipline. 💪🏾

As for today’s workouts; we’re going to assualt those abs and give that heart a natural jolt. After a good stretch:

20 minutes on the treadmill 4-5 incline, 3.0 pace – walk for 2 mins. Increase pace to 4-4.5 and trot/run for 1 minute. Alternate walk and trot until 20 minutes is exhausted.

Next up is AB work! Using the free hanging/elevated AB machine, you will perform knee lifts with a motion comprised of lifting them straight to your chest then side to side, that’s one rep. This should be done in 3*10. Follow this with 2 seated AB machines of your choice and 4*8 reps.

Workouts will conclude with either a repeat of the treadmill exercise we started with or the same reps on upright or recumbent bike. Minimum resistance of 4 to start. Be sure to increase either your pace or resistance for 1 minute after 2 minutes of pedaling. Don’t cheat the reps, you’ll thank me later. Take advantage of the cool down as well.

Today is a good day to use a sweat garment or tummy wrap to really work up a sweat.

Seize the day fit fam! Check in below!

Day 7 – Benchmarks and Bench Press

Congrats fit fam, you’ve reached day 7 of the challenge! I’m very proud of the progress that you all are making and it makes me happy to see the dedication with the check-ins and accountability thus far. Here at the halfway point, we will hone in on the physical aspects of the program and make an even stronger effort to reach our goal of weight loss and wellness. Today we will continue our ramp up with another total body workout day.

Bench Press – 4*8

Dumbell Press – 3*10

Shoulder Press – 4*8

Rear Delt – 3*10

Horizontal Leg Curl – 3*12

Upright Leg Curl – 3*12

AB Machine – 4*10

Recumbent/Upright Bike – 20 Minutes

Choose 2 more affirmations and do the exercise at least 3 times today.

We’re halfway there, let’s finish stronger!

Day 6 – Total Body

Great day to you all TCF fam! How is the Life Changers Society doing today? Check-in below.

We are approaching the close of week one and at this point, you should already feel results. Consistent cardio and exercises specifically targeting visceral (unseen) fat have been the focus. In week 2, we’ll work on building muscle.

As you all may recall, I requested that I get 30 minutes of onsite, in-person work with everyone participating in the challenge. I’m happy that most of you have booked a workout and I’m looking forward to your effort and energy! For our fam who can’t make it work, it’s okay, here’s a plan for to follow on Saturday and Sunday.

We will shred your entire body for 2 straight days:

Bench press – 3*10

Inclined bench press – 3*10

Tricep pulldown – 3*8

Fly machine – 3*8

Leg press – 3*10

Squats (weighted) – 3*10

AB Machine – 3*10

Treadmill – 20 minutes

Let’s see those check-in comments and text today. Choose 2 more affirmations and do the exercise at least 2 times today.



Day 5 – Treat Yourself

Well this is embarrassing!

I’ll bet you got up really early and pulled up my website to find out what awaited you today and *BOOM*, no new content…

I apologize for the delay, but consider this a great test to your determination and commitment. Hopefully you realized there were no instructions for today and decided to hatch your own plan of attack. At some point, you won’t need my guidance and you’ll have to figure out how you want to approach your fitness goals. But as of today, we’re a team and I’m here to deliver advice and tips to keep you going.

Today is a day that I reserve for recovery AND reward! You’ve been eating better, remaining active and mentally focused on improving your well-being, inside and out. I don’t believe that a cheat day is the appropriate term for self-indulgence, so let’s just call it a ‘Fri-Yay’ treat…what’s your favorite dessert? Have it today and enjoy your favorite movie or TV show…whatever it is, make it about you feeling happy!

My favorite snack is cheesecake and I’m having a slice today while I watch Joe Dirt, oh yeah!

Check in fit-fam, how did has your week gone? Also, please book a session with me for the weekend, I’d love to get some one on one time with everyone.

Day 4 – #LegDay

Three claps for the #fitfam! We are already four days into our challenge and I know you all are feeling great!

Thus far, we’ve worked cardio and abs, upper body, focused on meditation and even squeezed in a recovery day. As you may have noticed, the program is about the total body; internal and external. It’s time to work on those legs and lower body which will provide many benefits, especially your core.

To begin, let’s revisit the meditation exercise and choose 2 new affirmations and execute at least twice today. Feeding yourself positivity is often the most important part of your diet. A daily dose of self love is pivotal in sticking to a health and wellness plan.

Here is a list of body weight exercises for the lower body, choose 4 (if you can’t get into the gym). 3*8 Sets:

3. Plié Squat Calf Raises
4. Squat Jumps
5. High Knee Toe Taps
6. Side Lunges
7. Single-Leg Calf Raises
8. Curtsy Lunges
9. Pistol Squats
10. Side Leg Raises
11. Inner Thigh Leg Raises
12. Single-Leg Glute Brides
13. Inverted Inner Thigh Openers
For those able to get into the gym to train, try 4 of these with added weight for resistance and increased strength. 3*8 Sets:
1. Barbell Back Squats
2. Glute Ham Raise
3. Lunges
4. Box Step Up
Wrap up your workout with 15-20 minutes on the treadmill, upright or recumbent bike. Check in below!

Day 3 – R-E-L-A-X!

Great day Total Camo Fitness Fam! We have arrived at day 3 and surprise, surprise, it’s time to give our bodies a rest. While it’s great to have a strong desire to get in the gym and knock out a workout, it is equally important to rest and recover. Recovery after exercise is essential to muscle and tissue repair and strength building.

Here’s 10 ways to speed up recovery:

  1. Replace Lost Fluids – Hydrate after your workouts
  2. Eat Healthy Recovery Foods – You should try to eat within 60 minutes of the end of your workout and make sure you include some high-quality protein and carbohydrates.
  3. Rest and Relax – Resting after a hard workout allows the repair and recovery process to happen at a natural pace.
  4. Stretch It Out – After a tough workout try consider gentle stretching.
  5. Perform Active Recovery – Gentle movement improves circulation, which helps promote nutrient and waste product transport throughout the body.
  6. Get a Massage – Massage feels good and improves circulation while allowing you to fully relax.
  7. Take an Ice Bath – Ice massage or contrast water therapy (alternating hot and cold showers) to recover faster, reduce muscle soreness and prevent injury.
  8. Get a Bit More Sleep – During sleep, your body produces Growth Hormone (GH) which is largely responsible for tissue growth and repair.
  9. Try Visualization Exercises – Adding a mental practice to your workout routine can be a huge benefit for anyone.
  10. Avoid Over-training – One simple way to recovery faster is by designing a smart workout routine in the first place.

Today is a day for self-care, so take the time away from working out and focus treating your body to recovery! Let’s also work on nutrition and smart meal choices!